The Xavier Story


In Feb. 2012, our son Xavier was born 3 months premature.  As part of the complications of a  brain bleed, which is common among premature children born this early, he developed hydrocephalus. He was in the NICU for
4 months at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake. During his first 3 years, he had 8 hydrocephalus-related  brain surgeries and now has not one, but two shunts to regulate the cerebrospinal fluid in his brain from
creating too much pressure and causing brain damage. Shunts work like little pressure valves.  When the pressure builds, the valve opens and drains the fluid out of the brain. Without these shunts, those with hydrocephalus
would not live.  I had never heard of hydrocephalus before Xavier’s  birth. I tried to learn  as much as I could and eventually saw that there was not a lot of corporate sponsorship promoting awareness and research to find a cure.
I decided that in some small way, I was going to help.  We launched the “Xavier” brand in honor of Xavier my son & hydro-hero, and we donate a portion of the proceeds to charities for hydrocephalus awareness & research
to find a cure.  You’ll note on the packaging there is a hydrocephalus blue ribbon. 
Xavier Bringhurst A.K.A. “X-Man”
I have been married 20 years to someone who is a wonderful mother and wife.   We have six children. My time with them is worth more than all the treasures on earth.  I’m richly blessed.  Xavier is our youngest child. It’s heart-breaking to watch your child, especially a tiny baby suffer in pain while you feel helpless. You’d trade spots with them in a second if you could.  We had never been in the NICU with any of our other children.  We had not experienced the stress, worry, and heartache of having children with medical problems.  Spending four months in the NICU is a humbling experience. You see so many children struggling to hold on to life. You see so many good nurses and doctors doing everything we know how to do with modern medicine, to help them to live.  Although there have been great medical advances in our day, treating hydrocephalus still seems behind in many ways. Through Xavier’s many surgeries, I have had one reoccurring thought,  and that is,  “There has got to be a better way.” With every cable sold, we hope to do a little good in advancing research and awareness for hydrocephalus.  We want to help find a cure.  
Thank you for supporting  Xavier Cables and our  “Cables with a Cause”. 
Founder and CEO of Xavier Cables,
Jason Bringhurst 

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Professional Cable has partnered with some of the top Hydrocephalus charities such as the Hydrocephalus Association, Primary Children’s Hospital and others to help promote awareness and raise money for research.  In addition to the public outreach, fund raisers, and activities that we do as a corporation, a portion of the proceeds from our Xavier-brand cables go towards Hydrocephalus charities.  The money donated helps in research and treating hydrocephalus (water on the brain).



Professional Cable wants to make an impact on this world one cable at a time by helping with the study and awareness of hydrocephalus with Xavier cables.  Contact us if you want to help with this charity or want additional information regarding our Xavier-brand products.


  • 2 out of 1,000 babies born each year have hydrocephalus
  • Hydrocephalus is the most common reason for brain surgery in children

“Anything we can do to raise awareness and further the study of Hydrocephalus will be a blessing to many children in the future.”  – Jason Bringhurst – President of Professional Cable.   

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